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Feb-May 2001

Week 32 - May 29nd

Hurrah - I've finally been allowed to see the nursery - it's great!! Just perfect. I'm really glad that I didn't cheat and look. When my Mum and Corm let me go in they had a bottle of champagne & glasses on a silver platter & we all had to have a drink before we went in. Then it was like changing rooms - I cried it was just so lovely. I went round the room saying "oh!- look at that....... Oh ! that' lovely.....etc.etc.

Corm & my Mum have put loads of work in to it. They have thought of everything. The buttons on the top of the curtains my Dad had specially made for the room & each one is slightly different 'coz they are hand made - of course he had a clock made too!! The pictures really don't do it justice - the room is just so relaxed and warm. Let's hope it stays that way once Chaz 'n' Dave are in it!!

Only another 2 weeks to work now & I'm really glad. I'm not sure I would have been able to cope for much longer. I'm so tired & heavy - it's a struggle just walking!!

Week 31 - May 22nd

We've had our first twin parentcraft class this week & it's really great. It was nice to go to the other classes with Annette & Paul to get to meet some local mums, but this one is just so much more relevant for us. When the mid wife is talking about labour & birth she can give an idea of what it is like for twins rather than a singleton. There are only 3 couples too so she can make it individual for us. One woman is having an elective caesarian & the other one has had a baby before so we are all quite different. We're going to get to talk to a woman who has recently had twins too so she can give us some useful tips! I'm sure we will all need them.

Week 30 - May 15th

Well not much to tell - I'm huge ,they move too much, my back aches and I can't sleep - loving pregnancy then!! I went to see the midwife on Monday this week & everything is still fine.

It's getting really scary now that I'm coming to the end - what will things be like when they come? Oh my god!! Just as well I'm getting all my sleep in now!! I'm in bed for 8 or 9 every night. I don't suppose that will carry on after Chaz 'n' Dave are here.

Week 29 - May 8th

I spent the whole day at the hospital on Thursday this week. I had a glucose tolerance test & a scan. The GTT was because my dad & Andrew are both diabetic. I had a blood test first thing then I had to drink a bottle of lucazade and have another blood test 2 hours later - fun eh!! Anyway I got the results & everything is fine which is good!

My scan was great - as soon as she put the scanner on my belly the first thing she said was "oh - they're fighting" - oh great!! They were a bit better behaved after that and she got all the measurements she needed. Chaz is catching up to Dave - although he's still fattest and the naughtiest!! He stuck 2 fingers up at us!! Corm is dead proud of course - he says it will save him a job once they are born. We don't have to go back for another scan for 4 weeks now which is great. They must be confident that everything is OK - hurrah.

Only another 5 weeks left at work - that's a bit scary. I am getting really knackered now though so I think I'll be ready.

Week 28 - May 1st

I saw the doctor this week & he put my mind at rest. He looked at my notes and said both babies were doing well - twin one is just below average size and twin two is average size - so put like that it doesn't sound too bad.

We went shopping on Saturday and spent an absolute fortune!!! We got 2 cots, 2 car seats, a pram, all the bedding we need and loads of bits & pieces. It's a huge relief to have got all the big things we need. It means we don't have to spend every Saturday shopping. I never thought I wouldn't want to go shopping - it's amazing how heavy my bump can get!!! Annette is one step ahead of me though - she got her bag packed for the hospital already. I'll have to get organized.

I still haven't seen the nursery & I'm dying to!! I'm sure it will be worth it in the end - it's just really hard. I've heard all sorts of banging & scraping going on and Corm & my mum seem to be working really hard - I'll put a piccie on when it'sdone.

Week 27 - April 24th

Well - I went to see the midwife and guess what - she couldn't tell me when I would give birth - but she did say that I should think about stopping work in 3 weeks time!!! That's 11 weeks before I;m due. I think that's maybe a bit excessive - I feel fine for now. I think that I'll quit around the 15th of June. My blood pressure is fine ( Corm would probably disagree what with my temper!!) & I'm taking things really easy so I should be OK.

I went & had a scan last week & got really upset. Twin 2 is bigger than twin 1 & of course I blew it out of all proportion!! I do have to go for another scan in 2 weeks time - so they are keeping a close eye on me but I suppose if there was anything really wrong they would have kept me in. So it can't be that bad.

They wouldn't keep still to have the scan & there were some measurements that she couldn't take. She even wrote on the sheet that they were both very active - lets hope they get it out of their systems now!!! They also bumped heads a couple of times - Corm said they were fighting but I like to think that they "want to be together".

I saw Jo & Barry this week & they very kindly gave us a couple of high chairs so - "thanks". They're great too & will be dead useful. I can't give you an update on the nursery 'cos I'm not allowed in - but as soon as its finished I'll put some pictures on here so you can see. I'll have to go now 'cos Rick says I'm being really boring - soz.

Week 25 - 10th April

I think we have finally decided on a pram - we just need to make sure that it fits in the car! Next job is to try & decide on car seats. That should be fun - there are so many to choose from. Corm's mission now is to decorate the nursery. The painting must be finished at least 4 weeks before Chaz 'n' Dave are born & if they come 4 weeks early that only leaves 7 weeks!! Actually I'm hoping that I can go as close to full term as possible. I'm seeing the midwife this week so I'll see if she can tell me. I doubt that she can though. I just want everything on a plate!!

Chaz 'n' Dave are currently 22 cm & weigh 1lb 8oz.

Big Belly Goode

Week 24 - 3rd April

I can't believe we are in April already! Only 16 weeks to go (theoretically!!). I'm massive now my belly is huge! I'm going to try & get a photograph on here so you can laugh at me!! I've had a few sleepless nights recently COs Chaz 'n' Dave just can't get comfortable sometimes. They are now 21 cm long (8.4 inches) and weigh 530g ( 1lb 4oz) so I suppose they don't have a lot of room to get comfortable.

We went to our first parentcraft class this week with Annette & Paul. Annette & I were worried about Cormac & Paul behaving themselves but I have to admit they did. Everyone else in the class was due in May & June & there I was due the end of July!! I had someone comment to me that I looked as if I was nearly due too!! It was a really good class the two midwives running it were very good & funny too. All the other couples there were really nice too ( & not really young like I was worried they might be - I expected to be a right old fart!!) We had to introduce ourselves - guess who was first to go!!? - then decide what we would like to talk about over the next 5 weeks - then they were talking about all the different symptoms & how much weight you put on - apparently about 2 stone ( I don't know if that will double for me - euygh!!). They asked for a male volunteer so I volunteered Corm & they gave him a bag & put in bags of sugar & sand etc. to represent how much weight you put on. He said it was really heavy!!

Week 23 - 27th March

Chaz, Twin 1

Dave, Twin 2

Here are Chaz 'n' Dave at 22 Weeks - I had my scan last Thursday. We are thinking of changing the names to fatty & thinny - the one on the right (officially twin two) has a huge belly!!! He must take after Corm. Actually we don't know what sex they are - we could have found out but we don't want to know - it's better to be a surprise. The scan was really scary I had to have a fully bladder & she was pressing really hard on my stomach. She was really serious to start with & concentrating loads so of course I thought there was something wrong. I couldn't see the screen either to check for myself. Then she made a comment about them being really lively which put my mind at ease a little.

Everything is fine with both of them - twin two (Dave) is slightly bigger than twin one (Chaz) but not enough to be worried about. Chaz is laying head down with his head to the right & Dave is lying across me with his head to the left. They are both the right size for their age which is great. My next scan is in 4 weeks which is great COs I don't have to wait too long.

Week 22 - 20th March

It's been Cormac's birthday this weekend ( yes - for the whole weekend!!) which has involved him drinking copious amounts of alcohol & forgetting what he's done. I suppose he should enjoy it really COs it'll be the last one he has like that for a while (by the time he can do that again he won't need alcohol to forget what he's done!!) I shouldn't moan about it really COs Chaz 'n' Dave contributed - they bought him a bottle of wine each.

We've found out about parentcraft classes this week. There are special ones for parents expecting twins held at Jimmy's in Leeds. So we're both looking forward to those. They don't start until the end of May when I'll be about 30 weeks - so I'll be HUGE!!

I've got my next scan this week which I'm really looking forward to. We haven't seen them since January which seems ages & ages ago. I hope to get a good picture of both of them. They're 4 each though!!! If they're any good I'll stick them on here so you can see.

Week 21 - 13th March

I've been to see the Doctor this week & everything seems to be fine - hurrah!! He's put me on to iron tablets because I'm still really tired all the time. I asked if I could just drink Guinness but he said I would need to drink 2 buckets to equal one tablet!!! Maybe not.He didn't weigh me this time which was a great relief - but he did measure my belly. Apparently it's as big as a woman having one baby at 28 weeks - arrgh!! In other words I've got a huge belly!!

Chaz 'n' Dave are currently 18cm (7.2in) and weigh 300g (10.5oz)

Week 20 Tuesday 6th March

We're all back safe & sound from Ireland. It was great to see everyone & the break was just what we needed. Chaz & Dave must have needed the rest COs we didn't get out of bed before 1pm any day!!! Hurrah for lazing about in bed!!It was a bit of a strange visit because usually Corm & I spend most of our time in the many lovely, local pubs sampling the range of beverages!! Of course this time I'm not drinking & Cormac just isn't as funny when I'm sober (if only I'd realized that before we got married!) so we stayed out of most of the pubs.

My stomach is really tight at the minute & dead hard. I can't see how my belly can much bigger - there's just no room! I've started to waddle too. I've always taken walking for granted & thought that I was quite good at it too. I'm no catwalk model but I thought I had my own kind of grace. Now of course all that has gone out of the window & all I can do is waddle.

I phoned the doctors before I went on holiday & I'm not diabetic - which is nice to know. My blood sugar was 4.1 which is apparently low, so that's OK.

Week 18 Tuesday 20th Feb

hullo baby watchers!! We are all feeling fine this week. Still very tired all the time - Corm & I went to bed at 8.30 last night!! I guess we'll have to get used to that once they're born. Chaz and Dave are currently around 14cm (5.6 inches) and weigh around 150g (5.25oz).

We're supposed to start speaking & singing to the boys now COs their ears are developed. I think we'll stick to speaking to them - I don't want to put them off music altogether!! We could always play them some music on CD. It would have to be some of my music though, seeing as though Corm has no music taste. The last thing I want is for them to grow up thinking that the pet shop boys & meatloaf are cool!! Rick has just mentioned that we'll have to stop swearing too - oh bugger!!!

I won't be able to write next week as Corm & I are going to visit his ma & pa. I can't wait - I'm gonna spend the whole week in the magic bed!! It'll be great to go and relax for the week and we can't wait to see everyone.

Week 21 (baby Dougal) Friday 16th Febuary

Here is a picture of Cormac's sister's baby, Dougal - Chaz n Dave's cousin. Annette and Paul are expecting their baby on 29th June, so Chaz n Dave will have someone to bully ( even though Dougal is the older of the three).

Week 17 - Tuesday 13th February

My bump is getting bigger now which is good. This means that fewer people are looking at me as if I should go on a diet - although a few are still looking at me in sympathy!!

I went to the Doctors on Monday & everything seems fine. He weighed me - what a nightmare!! It was in kilogrammes though so it meant nothing to me. He had a feel of the babies - well actually it was like he was kneading bread!! But he was happy with them. He tested my water & found a trace of sugar so I had to go back for a blood test. I don't know when I'll get the results. It's to test for diabetes - apparently it's quite common in pregnancy - and with my Dad & Andrew both being diabetic I recon I haven't got much chance of avoiding it!! Hey Ho!

I'm supposed to be in my energetic phase now I'm in the second trimester but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm still knackered!! I don't know how I'm going to go on once they're born! Rick's getting into the swing of things & is watching Mr Benn. It's good practice for him - at least that's his excuse!!

Week 16 - Tuesday 6th Febuary

Well as promised here is my contribution to the continuing saga of Chas & Dave. Since I discovered I was becoming a DAD I've had a non stop session in my local (only joking). Really, I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of becoming a dad. I have spent the last couple of weeks reading every available book and magazine. I've even watched a video on rearing twins - boy ! That was interesting.

After several weeks I have found my niche, something I can do that, dare I say it, I am better at than their mum. "What is it ?" I here you say, well it's ..................(drum roll please) Its making Snowmen. Don't laugh (at least not until you see the photos). When the lovely twins, Chaz 'n' Dave, are old enough (and the ozone layer has been repaired!!!!!) I will be able to take the kids out and build a great snowman (or is that snowperson nowadays) And I think this will give Jo a nice break. So please take a look at the photos and join in next week for my next installment. Bye Bye.

Cormac and creation The neighbours effort Cormac's miniman

Steve the snowman

Jo - Not to be outdone - I have been practicing my parenting skills this week. While Cormac seems to think the most important thing is building snowmen (which I have to admit he is getting very good at (although I'm not sure about the neighbours efforts)) I have been practicing the most important aspect of motherhood. Baking!!!!!! I have had a few attempts at cake-making. My friends at work seem to think that I need more practice though so, back to the grindstone!!!

Week 15 - Tuesday 30th January

Week fifteen & we're feeling great. While my bump is so small it's sometimes hard to remember that I'm pregnant. Although I have started to get backache!! I thought that it was a bit early for all that but the doctor said that because I am having twins I should expect to get these symptoms around 4 weeks early. Just my luck!! I guess that just means more sleep & rest - poor me!! I haven't had any cravings just yet but I'm still off some food. I can't eat pizza, soup or steaks - I just can't stand the smell. I sometimes want to eat an apple or orange too where I'd normally scoff a snickers (king size) or two, but I suppose that's good for me.

Chaz 'n' Dave weigh approx 50 grammes which is around 1.75oz in old money. They should be around 10.5cm each - added to the 2 sacks I suppose that I have a good excuse for a belly.

I have decided not to do any more shopping for a while. I spent the last 2 weekends trailing around the shops so I thought I'd give myself a rest. I'm supposed to start yoga or some other kind of exercise - nah! I keep promising myself that when I'm not feeling so tired I will - honest!

Just for a change of scenery I'll try & get Cormac to write something next week - but I can't promise.

" Oh yes I will, tune in for some gripping stuff next week " - Cormac

Week 14 - Tuesday 23rd January

Well I am now officially into my second trimester which means the chances of miscarriage are greatly diminished. My lovely twins are great and I am feeling fine - not quite blooming yet but I am hopeful that will come along soon!! "The Boys" ( I don't know what sex they are & don't want to know) are now approx 10cm long & I am beginning to show! At least it's a great excuse for having a big belly - it certainly beats eating too many pies at Christmas!!

I am feeling a little neglected by the medical profession at the moment! My last appointment was on 4th January and I don't have to go again until March when I'll be 22 weeks. I suppose that's a good thing, it must mean that they aren't worried about me!!

On my last appointment I saw Chaz & Dave although I didn't get a photograph. They were renamed Bendix & Bruno - one was spinning around like a washing machine & the other kept punching his arms like a boxer!!

I'm quite organized - My great, generous brother Rick has already bought us 2 Moses baskets which are lovely. My next big purchase is a pram. I'm really disappointed with the selection so far - it seems that a single child can have a beautiful pram with plenty of padding & support but twins have to make do with a twin buggy with virtually no padding or support. I have not given up hope yet & intend to scour the country if I have to. I really don't see why just because I am having twins I should have something that I am not with. I'm frustrated by this can you tell?!! If anyone sees a twin pram or buggy that is well padded I would appreciate it if you could let me know the make - thanks!