Here are the archived pictures, if you want the more recent ones then click here

The Nursery

Chaz n Dave's room

Sugar and Spice (and all things nice)

I had to add the finishing touch

Granny at work

Uncle Rod

Handmade buttons (Grandad's contribution)

"It'll all be worth it in the end....."

"...was it??"


The Scans

Below is Chaz at 22 weeks

Below is Dave at 22 weeks

Above is my first scan, at 6 weeks pregnant (2 weeks after conception). This is the only picture I've got with Chaz 'n' Dave both together.


Below are Chaz n Dave after 6 weeks


Above are Chaz n Dave at 8 weeks.

Above is Chaz at 10 weeks, head down. Below is Dave at 10 weeks, facing towards the scanner, head up